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Brian Harris

Hi, I'm Brian Harris

I help people solve problems by creating learning solutions that get real results.

I study the science of learning and apply evidence-informed techniques to the process of instructional design. The result is boosted learner engagement and improved business outcomes.

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Effective instructional design is learner focused.

Because learning actually happens in the learner. We truly measure learning by observing real-world application of knowledge. Learners implementing changes gives us a small peek into the magic of learning.

That’s why when I design a learning solution, I focus on a simple question:

What do learners need to do?

That question is powerful because, to me, the gold standard of instructional design is, measurable learner outputs. When learner actions result in beneficial outcomes, real learning is happening.

Once you stop learning. You start dying.


Fact: Learning is hard.

Becuase the mind is intricately constructed and not yet thoroughly understood. But that's also why learning is so much fun. As learning science advances, I endeavor to apply foundational, evidence-informed principles to the instructional solutions I design.
I believe that people should learn better and have fun while doing so. That way, they'll be motivated put knowledge into action, and experience better outcomes.
Do I have it all figured out? Of course not! No one does.
Effective learning is an everlasting ambition, a constantly moving target. I continually aspire to create engaging and enjoyable learning experiences that yield improved learner performance and meaningful results.

Who do I work well with?

Course Creators


Instructional Designers

L&D Managers

Who do I work well with?


NPO's & NGO's

Compliance Officers


"Skill is better than strength"

Needs Analysis


E-learning Development


Instructional Curriculum Design


Copywriting & Storytelling


Instructional Multimedia Design


Voiceover & Narration


Graphic & Print Design


Sound Design & Audio Mixing


Whatever the need, I'm here to help you get the results you want.

Brian Harris

Why I can get results for you

I’ve been creating learning experiences in different forms for over a decade. My career has included teaching in both classroom and one-on-one settings, leading professional teams, coordinating training and development for a range of learners, conducting virtual and in-person training sessions, mentoring new hires, and producing training materials of all sorts and sizes.
Some of my work has been featured or utilized in:
  • International training events
  • Legal proceedings
  • New hire onboarding and training
  • Instructor-led compliance training
  • Customer education
  • Internationally distributed journals
  • Educator Compliance Training

A brief history

2019 - Now
Chief of Design & Development at Brilliant Educational Services
2016 - 2019
Consumer Education & Sales
Corporate Instructor
Editor & Training Lead at Multinational NPO

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