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Hi, I'm Brian

I'm the Chief of Design & Development at Briliant Educational Services

We make learning products to help people acquire skills and knowledge simply and effectively.
But we don’t just make E-learning. We believe that a learning product can be almost anything: an E-learning module, a job aid, a video, an app, a website, a training seminar, an online class, a blog post, or even a game.
Learning experiences are everywhere and we at Brilliant Educational Services make the products that facilitate learning whenever and wherever learners need it.

We create e-learning products to transfer knowledge or skills in a way that affects thinking, feeling, and actions.

We believe that learning is about change. And that learners should acquire knowledge and skills for the purpose of putting them into action.

When designing a learning experience, we focus on a simple framework:

1. Who are the learners?

2. What learner outputs generate desired outcomes?

That's why we get results. We keep learner needs at the core of each experience. We design effective learning experiences that empower learners to make changes, take action, and solve problems. In the end, you get tangible, measurable results.

Our learning experiences get attention & results.


Featured at international conferences & trade shows


Used for onboarding, continuing education, and consumer education


Utilized in legal proceedings


Employed in ILT & VILT solutions


Enough about us.
You ready to get started?

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Let's create learning experiences that affect meaningful change and empower learners to achieve measureable goals.

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