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Boring, click-through training wastes employee time because learners don’t care.

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Have you ever asked yourself why you are spending money and time on boring, ineffective training that doesn’t even get results? 

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We create learning experiences rooted in measurable outcomes that achieve your company's goals

Brian has been easy to work with and has an easy-going but focused detail-oriented style that works well for my mixed audiences including educators, risk managers, attorneys, and other mental health professionals. His ability to keep projects on task and his responsiveness to my questions has been greatly appreciated. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Brilliant Educational Services.

Dr. Glenn Lipson, Ph. D., A.B.P.P.CEO of Making Right Choices


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We collaborate with you to determine a measurable project goal and identify knowledge and skills gaps that stand in the way. Together, we brainstorm solutions and determine the best path forward


We develop the learning experience that achieves your goals. Pilot testing, feedback, and iteration ensure you get results.


You sit back, relax and watch your learning solution exceed your expectations. As a result you’re enabled to accomplish your business goals

Professionalism and attention to detail helped us to make the decision to work with this organization. I highly recommend Brilliant Educational Services! They're very organized, and deliberate in customer satisfaction. It's nice to get what you paid for and more.

Stephen EdwardsFounder—First Choice One Companies

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