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E-learning & Instructional Design made Simple

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Brilliant Educational Services

Here’s the problem:

You’re wasting Time & Money on learning solutions that don’t work.

Have you had to endure any of this ‘training’:

  • Monotonous, click-through ‘eLearning’
  • Tedious expert ‘lectures’
  • Mind-numbing video or slide ‘presentations’
  • Tortuous ‘quizzes’ rife with obvious questions & meaningless statistics
  • Pointless ‘handouts’ irrelevant to actual work
Did that ‘instruction’ make a meaningful impact on you beyond imbuing you with inscrutable dread as the next ‘training’ day approaches?
Thinking the answer is a new LMS, a trendy learning technique, or another software subscription, but still getting that knot in your stomach that tells you you’re wasting more resources?

Now’s the time to stop wasting time and money and create engaging, effective learning solutions that really work.

Let’s take a different approach

Because what you’re doing now isn’t working.

Let’s face it, learning is messy and complex. As science figures out learning, researchers test and prove which techniques really help people absorb, retain, and apply information.

So how can you make learning simpler?

Use evidence-informed techniques that really work.

That’s what you get at Brilliant Educational Services:

Evidence-informed learning techniques that empower your learners to reach measurable, performance goals.

glenn lipson headshot

“BES has been easy to work with and has an easy-going but focused, detail-oriented style that works well for my mixed audiences including educators, risk managers, attorneys, and other mental health professionals. Their ability to keep projects on task and their responsiveness to my questions has been greatly appreciated. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Brilliant Educational Services.”

dr. glenn lipson, Ph. D., A.B.P.P.CEO—

Your learners are unique.

So they deserve a learning experience
that works for them.


What do they need to do?

Memorable training is simple and practical. It’s not just about passing the test.  Learners need to perform. Performance means putting knowledge and skills into action. Creating a memorable learning solution for your learners means staying focused on a singular concept: What do learners need to do?


What is relevant to them?

‘Who cares? What’s in it for me? How long is it?’ Learners aren’t motivated simply because they’re taking your e-learning course. Making e-learning meaningful means creating learning experiences that serve learner needs. Meaningful learning design centers on a simple concept: What is relevant to the learner?


What problem needs a solution?

Training isn’t a cost, it’s an investment. An investment in the future success of your workforce and the future success of your company. You deserve a measurable return on your investment. Measurable instructional design starts with the idea that matters most to you: What problem needs to be solved?

Get Everything You Need

All in one place.

E-learning, VILT, Consumer Education, Customer Onboarding, New-hire Onboarding, Compliance Training, Upskilling, Handouts, Job Aids, Instructional Video. Get all of your learning experience design needs with Brilliant Educational Services.

Instructional Design

Engaging, effective learning experiences start with an expert plan. When the instructional design process serves the learner, the experience yields memorable results.


Effective e-learning isn't merely a slide presentation. E-learning gives learners a safe place to practice, make mistakes, and get quality feedback. It prepares them for real-world application of knowledge and skills.

Needs Analysis

Needs analysis takes the guesswork out of course development. Looking at the big picture ensure your learners get the right solution at the right time.

Educational Video

Effectively using video in learning experiences is an art. It just so happens we've mastered it.

Voiceover & Narration

Finding the right voice engages learners and enhances the learning experience. We've got just the right fit for your next course.

Graphic Design

Simple, functional, and appealing design keeps the focus where it should be—on the learning.

“Professionalism and attention to detail helped us to make the decision to work with BES. I highly recommend Brilliant Educational Services! They're very organized and dedicated to customer satisfaction. It's nice to get what you paid for and more.”

Stephen EdwardsFounder—First Choice One Companies

Simple Process,

Measurable Results

Your goals, your needs, and your results come first.

Our simple process is tailor-made to create effective solutions that get real results.

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We work with you to define a measurable goal for learning success. Determining the gaps in knowledge and skills that learners need enables us to brainstorm the best path forward, laying out a learning solution that empowers learners to achieve real goals.

Design & Develop

Learning is complex, remember? So pilot testing, feedback, and iteration support the development an e-learning experience that reaches the heights your learners deserve and provide them the practice they need to really apply what they’ve learned on the job.


No more worries about budgets and schedules. You sit back, relax and watch your under-budget, on-time learning solution exceed expectations while getting real results.

Ready to Start Your Solution?

Spend just 20 minutes of your time to help us understand your needs and we'll inspire in you confidence in an approach that really works.

You deserve the confidence to trust that your investment will yield a learning experience that gets real results.

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We don't like to brag

 so see what satisfied learners think about our learning solutions.


I like the interactive buttons used in the program. I could stop or start at my discretion. Also, I liked the voice of the narrator. I was able to concentrate on the material better with the narrator pacing rather than for me to read each article.


I liked the narrator. Very easy to follow voice.


The comprehensive and straightforward delivery of terms and subsequent breakdown of the material along with the narration helped to convey the overall message and aided in the retention of the module.


The interactive aspects were helpful. Voice narration, clicking on words and images to proceed with the content was more engaging than just reading.


The interface is well designed, the voiceover was clear, and the segments were manageable chunks.


The voice that read was easy to hear and understand. This helped me stay focused and interested in the training.


Excellent, excellent narrator. Very engaging, informative program. The presenter made it compelling to listen to the information.


This course was great. It had a lot of key points I don't often think people even think about when working in a professional environment. I particularly enjoyed this course because it is VERY important in my career.


I would recommend this course to others as it was informative and contains information that each and every professional should know regardless of how long they have been in the field. The modules were easy to follow along with and contained effective check for understanding questions.


It really made you think outside the box. I really enjoyed the material and learned tons.


This course provided me with an entire new outlook on what it means to be a professional. There was so much information and potential risks that I was unaware of I am glad to have completed the course.


The use of real-life scenarios was very helpful in learning about how to use ethics in decision-making.


I felt that this course is a great tool for any professional, new or experienced, because it helps you see what you are doing right and also what can be improved. It has some eye-opening scenarios that are very relatable and could happen to anyone. This course gives you helpful advice with how to deal with these scenarios or where to go to find help.


Plain language and straight to the point, just the way I like my education.


The course helped me think through all of the decisions that I make on a daily basis.


Taking this course really allowed me step outside of myself and consider what was being presented. It really opened my eyes to areas where I had become either complacent, out of balance, or that I had blindspots to. I truly believe more professional need this course. Well done.


This course could help prevent pitfalls and terrible mistakes for professionals. It really educates people on the reality and importance of their responsibilities.


This information is extremely important and presented well. I am sincere in my belief that people should be required to take this course. Such preparation would probably prevent many judgement errors on the part of inexperienced professionals.


The course is thoroughly informative, timely, and the narration is balanced with engaging videos.


I would recommend this course to others because it is very informative and it is the information that is needed to make the right decisions when they are necessary at work and within the community.