Who We Are

Brilliant Educational Services is an e-learning design and development company producing brilliant e-learning products and materials for schools and businesses. Our efforts are primarily centered on compliance & ethics training and personnel development.


We specialize in developing training that helps prevent workplace misconduct and enables teachers and students to make choices that keep our schools safe.

Goal Oriented

Our goal is to transform boring compliance & ethics training into engaging learning experiences that entertain, educate, and motivate learners.

Here to Help You

Brilliant Educational Services Educators


You love helping students learn and you know how important a good education is for their future. You also understand that students today face complex challenges.

We’re here to help educators and schools protect students against misconduct, train teachers to make better educational choices, and keep our educational institutions functioning as safe and healthy environments.

Brilliant Educational Services Subject Matter Experts


You are the premiere subject matter expert in your field. But you know the difficulty associated with finding an expert to help you convert your content into a meaningful and motivational course.

We’re here to support Subject Matter Experts to design and develop their curriculum into an engaging, effective course that motivates learners to act.

Brilliant Educational Services Innovators


Your company is ready to make their next big move, big hire, or big expansion. But you want to ensure that the culture, work environment, and employees reflect the high values you established.

We’re here to assist businesses and stakeholders train their management and staff to develop healthy, professional relationships and safer workplace environments. Our goal is to make workplaces safer so that your company can build the innovation that drives our future.

Why Choose Us?




At Brilliant Educational Services we have over a decade of experience in various aspects of educational content development and production. When you work with us you are getting an experienced and professional partner who will plan thoroughly and provide what you need, right on time, and within your budget.

We are experienced in working with professionals just like you in the fields of higher education, medicine, and business administration. Our work with both small businesses and international non-profit organizations has helped us to understand the different needs that each organization requires and how to design and produce high quality educational content that fills your needs and motivates your learners.

Our Process



First, we meet with you to understand your project, the people who you need to reach and the outcomes you need to effectuate. Then, you approve an Instructional Design Brief that summarizes our approach for the remainder of production.

Brilliant Educational Services Pre-production

Step 1


During pre-production we meet with you to discuss and understand information about your organization's needs, the project content and the learners which we will use during the Production and Post-production steps.

Based on our meeting we will compose an Instructional Design Brief which will outline:

• Course objectives
• Primary Audience
• Course Style & Timing
• Script/Information
• Production Schedule
• Performance Metrics/Testing
• Delivery/Distribution Methods



We use our skills and experience along with your feedback and input to design and develop your e-learning product. Your feedback, your goals, and your learners’ needs guide and influence every phase of the production process.

Brilliant Educational Services Production

Step 2


Production takes place in 2 phases:

1. Storyboarding & Prototyping
2. Development & Authoring

During phase 1 we use the information gathered in the pre-production phase to begin to produce the designs, storyboards, and prototypes that provide the roadmap we will use to produce the final product. Once approved, we begin Phase 2, developing and authoring the final product. Integration of your feedback and our learner focused approach to development assure that your ideas are brought to life in the most effective way for your learners.



Finally, move into pilot testing your completed e-learning with a core group of your learners. We work with you to use their feedback to ensure that your e-learning product fulfills your metrics for success. Then, we provide you with your deliverables so you can release your e-learning product to the world.

Brilliant Educational Services Post-production

Step 3


The post-production process involves 2 phases:

1. Pilot Testing
2. Delivery & Implementation

During post-production we test the finalized product with a core group of your primary learners to ensure the efficacy of the final product. We work with you to incorporate into the product any reasonable feedback that will improve the learner experience and the effectiveness of the product. Once complete, provide you with the all of the materials and work with your support team in the implementation and distribution of the finalized product.

What We Do Best

Need help with e-learning design and development? You’ve come to the right place.

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Brilliant Educational Services E-learning Design & Development


Design & Development

Whether you need help with a one portion of the design and development process or you need assistance from start to finish, Brilliant Educational Services can help you to get your curriculum organized, designed, developed, and published as an e-learning module into the LMS of your choice.
Brilliant Educational Services VO and Narration


Voice Over

Brilliant Educational Services provides professional quality voices of all types and languages to match your curriculum and enhance learner engagement. We ensure you get the right voice, in the right style to bring your e-learning content to life.
Brilliant Educational Services Storyboarding


Project Planning & Management

The key to any successful venture is a good plan and the key to any successful e-learning is a well developed storyboard. At Brilliant Educational Services we make the planning and storyboarding phase of the project simple and clear so that your project has a well planned roadmap to success.
Brilliant Educational Services Instructional Design


Writing & Proofreading

At Brilliant Educational Services we are experienced in transforming educational content from the concepts to the concrete. Whether your e-learning project needs a second set of eyes, a thorough proofread, or full start to finish instructional design, we'll help you to communicate your ideas with simplicity and effectiveness.
Brilliant Educational Services Video Production


Production & Editorial

With more than a decade of hands on experience in video development and production, Brilliant Educational Services has the resources and skillset to help you at any stage of video production for your e-learning project. Pre-production, production, and post, Brilliant Educational Services can help you every step of the way.
Brilliant Educational Services Sound Design & Music


Sound Design & Music

Music and sound effects take your project to the next level of interactivity and effectiveness. Whether your e-learning project needs just a jingle and a few sound effects or a full start to finish musical score, sound design, and professional mix, Brilliant Educational Services will help you get your e-learning project sounding great.
Brilliant Educational Services Animation


Illustration & Graphics

Brilliant Educational Services can help you add graphics and animation to your e-learning project. Whether you need your illustrations, graphics, characters, whiteboard explainers to move. We can help you bring your content to life.
Brilliant Educational Services Graphic Design


Graphic & Print

At Brilliant Educational Services we use simple, functional design to enhance the inspirational and motivational capacity of your e-learning project. Whether you need a design for an e-learning module, a printed guide, or a complete redesign of already existing materials, we're here to help shift your design be from boring to brilliant.

Our Clientele

We don’t like to brag…so we’ll let others do it for us.

“Brian has been easy to work with and has an easy-going but focused detail-oriented style that works well for my mixed audiences including educators, risk managers, attorneys, and other mental health professionals. His ability to keep projects on task and his responsiveness to my questions has been greatly appreciated. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Brilliant Educational Services.”

Glenn Lipson, Ph. DCEO of Making Right Choices

“We are so proud of you. Don't forget to call more often.”

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